The benefits and bonuses of using OneDrive

Today’s Tech Tip features the benefits and bonuses of using OneDrive. 

  • Did you know OneDrive can be installed to automatically backup your TCC computer safely to the cloud?  Your TCC files will be safely backed up if your computer has a hardware or software malfunction, gets stolen or lost (in the case of a laptop).  Any files you create in OneDrive are backed up whenever your system is on and has a network connection. 
  • OneDrive also has a Recycle Bin feature.  If you accidently delete something it can be restored. 

Here are some guides for you on some of the key features of OneDrive.

How do I sync OneDrive to my File Explorer on a TCC Computer?

How do I upload a file to OneDrive?

How do I restore an item that was deleted on accident?  ​​​​​​


If you have any questions on OneDrive you can submit a ticket using the link here or send an email to  We are here to help!



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