How do I sync OneDrive to my File Explorer On a TCC Computer?

This guide will walk you through syncing OneDrive to list in your File Explorer along with your other files.

Step 1: Start Menu

Right click on the Windows start button the the lower left corner of your desk top

Step 2:  File Explorer

Left click on File Explorer

Step 3:  Windows C: Drive

1) Left click on Windows(C:)

2) Double click on Users

Step 4:  User account

Double click on your user name

Step 5: Open AppData

Double click on AppData

Step 6:  Open Local

Double click on Local

Step 7: Open Microsoft

Double click on Microsoft

Step 8: Open OneDrive

Double click on OneDrive

Step 9: Run the Install

Double click OneDrive.exe to run the install

OneDrive will go through a short install Wizard. One done, OneDrive will now show up in your list of folders in File Explorer




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