How do I transfer Documents to OneDrive from my files?

Transfer Documents to OneDrive from my HomeDir (Faculty/Staff)

We are in the process of having faculty and staff move their documents that they maintain on their Home Directory (normally the "N" Drive) to a larger, more robust cloud storage service that comes with Office 365.  This online storage is called OneDrive and all faculty and staff have more available space in the cloud than we have on our local servers.  We need to get all faculty and/or staff to transfer any data that they need to maintain from their home directory to OneDrive.  This document details the process to get this done.  For ease of use, this must be done from a TCC computer (not from the Portal based home directory structure).

Login to the Tacoma Community College Portal


Go the webpage of "" and enter your login credentials

Campus E-Mail

1)  Click on the group of squares in the right hand corner

2)  Click on Campus E-Mail

Office 365 Outlook Web App


Click on the top left icon and proceed to next step Office 365 Outlook Web App


Select OneDrive


Manage Documents

You can create, upload, edit, manage, and share documents within OneDrive.  This can be used just like any cloud based storage space and can be accessed from any computer with Internet access.  This should be the location that you keep all documents that you need to have access to and want in a secure location.  This replaces the need for shared server space that is located on campus.


Navigate to Home Directory

Your Home Directory (server) will probably be the "N" Drive under the computer on the left pane.  Select the "N" Drive and he documents that you want to move to OneDrive are the ones located in the "Documents" folder.

Note:  The "N" drive is normally the one used, it may be a different letter used.

Create Folder, Drag and Drop

(1)  Create a new folder (call it anything you want)

(2)  Open up your "Documents" folder (within the "N" drive) and drag the contents to the newly created folder

(3)  It is best to leave the "Documents" folder on the "N" drive and only move the files located within it.

If you find that you cannot move entire folders within your documents to the OneDrive folder that you have created, you may have to build individual folders within OneDrive first.

Note:  The "N" drive is normally the one used, it may be a different letter used.

Help or Support

If you are having problems with this process, or you would like some assistance, use one of the options below:

(1)  Contact the Information Technology Help Desk at (253) 566-HELP (4357)

(2)  Get online support at

(3) Get training videos from Microsoft at


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