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Request additional access, permissions to network file shares, etc.

Request support if you have a question, or if your computer hardware is not working.

Report any software issues on any campus computer

Request a new phone or extension, request changes to existing phones, or request voicemail password resets.

Request staff network accounts by clicking the button to the right. You will be redirected to the account request form on the TCC Portal (you may be prompted to sign in).

Request ctcLink/Secure92 Account

Requesting help with obtaining new software titles

Important! Please notify IT when an employee leaves the college.

In this section you will be able to request assistance for any equipment found in multimedia classrooms.

Information about how to upgrade your ShoreTel Communicator to the new ShoreTel Connect client.

Request a temporary login for software installation

Request help with obtaining new computer hardware and/or peripherals.

Request help for Office products or Office 365

In this section you will be able to request help for Portal, Advisor Dashboard, OnBase or other applications

Request network resources or report network issues

Request a Network/Email password reset here.

Staff ctcLink/Secure92 Password Help

Use this service to request assistance with a printing problem.