Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access

Why do I need the VPN?

Many of the college's computing resources (like Microsoft Office365, ctcLink and Canvas) are available from any device/location connected to the Internet.

There are occasions when the resource you need is located within the protected areas of the college's network. The most common resource that falls into this category are network shares, but click here for a full list. There are several network shares used by individuals, departments, committees, etc., and are normally mapped to specific drive letters when accessed from on-campus computers. To access these shared/shared drives from afar, you must be able to create a secure tunnel between your Internet connected location (your home, coffee shop, etc.) and the college's network. This is accomplished with the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

To get started, complete the form by clicking the "Request VPN Access" button in the upper right corner.

Special Requirement for Classified Staff

During "Stay Home/Stay Healthy," classified staff are NOT required to complete a Telework Agreement

Please work with your supervisor and Human Resources to complete a Tele-work Agreement if one is not already on file. If needed, a copy of the HR form is attached (right side of this screen). Faculty and exempt employees are not required to complete this form. 

Request VPN Access


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