Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access

Why do I need the VPN?

Many of the college's computing resources (like Microsoft Office365, ctcLink and Canvas) are available from any device/location connected to the Internet.

There are occasions when the resource you need is located within the protected areas of the college's network. The most common resource that falls into this category are network shares. There are several network shares used by individuals, departments, committees, etc., and are normally mapped to specific drive letters when accessed from on-campus computers. To access these shared/shared drives from afar, you must be able to create a secure tunnel between your Internet connected location (your home, coffee shop, etc.) and the college's network. This is accomplished with the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

How do I access the VPN?

College-issued laptops include the Cisco anyConnect VPN software which allows secure connections to the TCC network from off-campus locations. Faculty, administrators, and exempt staff are automatically authorized to make use of the VPN client to securely connect to the TCC network. You will not be able to make a VPN connection to the college with personally-owned devices.

Classified staff must ask supervisors/managers to complete a Telework Agreement and submit it to Human Resources. The form (Word Document) is available on right side of this page. Additionally, the supervisor/manager needs to click the "Request VPN Access" button to ask IT to grant the necessary permissions.

How do I learn more about the connection process?

Here is a video demonstrating how to connect and disconnect:


Request VPN Access

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