Employee Preferred Name Change Request

If you wish to change your preferred name, network login, e-mail address, etc. please click the "Request Change" button on the right and complete the form. 

As lined out in TCC’s Strategic Plan, we recognize historic inequities and empower our community to challenge and overcome systemic barriers to create a campus and society where all people can be their authentic selves and are welcomed, heard, known, represented, and successful. Referring to students and employees by the name they wish to be called supports a respectful learning and working environment. The reasons for choosing a preferred name are personal and different for each individual.

What is a preferred name?

The term preferred name or chosen name refers to a name that an individual wishes to use that differs from their legal name which appears on passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, or U.S. Social Security Card.

If you have changed your name legally and want to make those changes at TCC, please see the section “How to change your legal name” below.


Staff and faculty names in ctcLink are tied to payroll and Social Security, and therefore must match the legal name. Present the required documentation to HR and they will perform the name change in ctcLink.

Changing your preferred name:

TCC employees can request a preferred name change by completing this form.

Where will the preferred name appear?

  • · Canvas
  • · e-mail
  • · TCC Portal
  • · Employee ID


Canvas pulls the legal name from ctcLink name into the Canvas Full Name (and, by default, the Sortable Name).  The Full Name is what the course role "Teacher" sees in the Canvas Gradebook.  The Canvas Display Name, is what students and the Teacher(s) see, for example, when a student makes a post to a discussion forum. 

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