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Account Request for a New Employee

Request staff network accounts by clicking the button to the right. You will be redirected to the account request form on the TCC Portal (you may be prompted to sign in).

Applications and Development Help

In this section you will be able to request help for Portal, Advisor Dashboard, OnBase or other applications






Canvas Assessment

Canvas Assessments

Canvas Content

Canvas Content

Canvas Other

Canvas Other

Canvas Other

Canvas Settings

Canvas Settings

Canvas Training

Canvas Training

Computer/Laptop Replacement Program

Informational guides and videos that will help college faculty and staff prepare for a computer/laptop replacement.

ctcLink Account Request

Request ctcLink


Document Storage and Microsoft OneDrive

Document and data best practices, and how to get started using Microsoft OneDrive


eLearning Equipment Request (Faculty and Staff)

Request a short-term checkout of eLearning equipment.

Email on Mobile Devices

How to get connected to your TCC e-mail on a mobile device

Employee ctclink Support

Employee ctcLink Support

End of Course Surveys


End of Course Surveys

Enrollment Services

Authorization for 20 or more credits

Enrollment Services


Facilities Work Request

In this section you will be able to make a facilities work request.

Fax Service

Faxing guide




Hardware Help

Request support if you have a question, or if your computer hardware is not working.

Help with Printing Issue

Use this service to request assistance with a printing problem.


Institutional Research

Create Learning
Achieve Equity
Engage Community
Embrace Discovery
Survey Monkey

IT Help for Faculty and Staff

General information for faculty and staff highlighting the available ways to get help from the college’s IT department

IT Offboarding Request

Important! Please notify IT when an employee leaves the college.



Loaner Equipment Request

Request a short-term checkout laptop/conference phone/360 camera and microphone.

Login Information

Learn about the different staff accounts and when to use them


Media Production

Microsoft Outlook

How to initialize Outlook on your college-issued computer

Mitel Connect Software

Information about how the Mitel Connect client

Multimedia Classroom Help

In this section you will be able to request assistance for any equipment found in multimedia classrooms.

Multimedia Production


Network Printers

How to get connected to departmental shared network printers.

Network Request

Request network resources or report network issues

Network Shares

How to access departmental shares

New Printer Quote Request

Request a quote for a new printer.


Office 2016 Download for Home Use

Directions on how to install office 2016 for home

Office 2016 Download for Home Use

Office Move

Request assistance moving staff or faculty IT equipment from one location to another.

Order IT Equipment for New Employee

Order IT equipment for a newly hired employee. The sooner, the better.


Password Reset

Request a Network/Email password reset here.

Phone Repair Request

Report an issue with your existing phone or extension

Phone Request/Phone Change Request

Request a new phone or extension, request changes to existing phones, request voicemail password resets, or just ask a question about the phone system or your phone.


Printing Account Credit


Request Additional Access

Request additional access (such as shared drive access) for an employee that already has an existing network account.

Request Additional Access for Existing Account

Request additional access, permissions to network file shares, etc.

Request Computer Refresh

Request a computer be reimaged for a new employee.

Request Hardware Quote

Request help with obtaining new computer hardware and/or peripherals.

Request Help for Office Applications

Request Help: Email, Calendar or Office 365

Request help for Office products or Office 365

Request Help: Student Printing Account

Request help with student printing accounts.

Request Network Account

Request a network account for a newly hired employee.

Request Office Moves

Supervisors can use this form to request office moves for their employees.

Request Phone for New Employee

Request a phone for a new employee, or request a changes to an existing phone.

Request Quote for Dell Computers and Accessories

Request a quote for Dell desktop computers, laptops, monitors and docking stations

Request Student Printing Account Credit

Request a refund for Student Printing System.

Request Student Printing Supplies for Classrooms and Labs

In this section you will be able make a request for printing supplies such as paper or toner

Respondus Lockdown Browser

Get help with the Respondus Lockdown Browser

Respondus Lockdown Browser


Secure92 Installation

Directions on how to install Secure92 on staff PCs

ShoreTel/Mitel Phone

Understanding your ShoreTel/Mitel Phone


•Get Softchalk (download/install)
•Content Creation
•Softchalk Cloud
•Softchalk Connect Plus


Software Help

Report any software issues on any campus computer

Software Request

Request Quote for New Software Titles

Something Else

Staff ctcLink/Secure92 Password Help

Staff ctcLink/Secure92 Password Help

Student ctcLink Support

Student support for ctcLink

Student Studying and Tutoring

Survey Monkey

•Request an account
•Get help with creating a survey


Temporary access for software installation

Request a temporary login for software installation

Turning Point Clicker Request

Turning Point Clicker Request


Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access

Information on accessing the college's network from off-campus locations.


Get help using Voicethread


Windows 10 Feedback

Wireless Network Help

Seek help using or connecting to the campus wireless network