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Informational guides and videos that will help college faculty and staff prepare for a computer/laptop replacement.

Request additional access for an employee that already has an existing network account.

Request a network account for a newly hired employee.

Request additional access, permissions to network file shares, etc.

Request a short-term checkout laptop or 360 camera and microphone.

Request a quote for Dell desktop computers, laptops, monitors and docking stations

Seek help using or connecting to the campus wireless network or to request more coverage

Requests for Civitas

Request a short-term checkout of eLearning equipment.

How to get connected to your TCC e-mail on a mobile device

Learn about the different staff accounts and when to use them

How to initialize Outlook on your college-issued computer

Document and data best practices, and how to get started using Microsoft OneDrive

General information for faculty and staff highlighting the available ways to get help from the college’s IT department

Understanding your ShoreTel/Mitel Phone

Request a laptop computer a new full-time employee.

If you are an employee and wish to change your preferred name, please complete this form to have your preferred name reflected in the college's various IT systems

For help with Canvas or your Hybrid/Online classes.

Use this category to make requests for eLearning equipment and services

Use this category to make requests for additional equipment, access and services