Installing OnBase Office 2019 Add-in

Before installing, you must have Office 2019 installed

To confirm which version of Office you have installed, create a new document in Word or Excel and follow these steps to get the version number

  1. Select "File" in the upper left
  2. Select "Account".   The version number is in the middle and will look similar to this


If Office 2016 is installed, click click here for the article on how to install Office 2019 onto your computer. If you have Office 2019, proceed with the following to install the OnBase Office 2019 Add-in and prerequisite onto your computer.


1) Select the windows icon in the lower left and type the word software


2) Select “Software Center”


3) You should see a list of 4 software titles that look like this


4) Install in numeric order by selecting it and select “Install”


To confirm the Add-ins have installed correctly, create a new blank document in Excel and Word.  In the ribbon across the top, you should see OnBase and will look similar to this


Open Outlook and in the ribbon across the top, you should see OnBase and will look similar to this



Once Outlook is opened, log into OnBase to ensure it works

1) Select "File" in the upper left


2) Select "OnBase"


3) Select "Login" and enter your TCC email address when dialogue box appears


4) Enter in your TCC password


5) Select "Yes"


After signing in, Outlook Add-in should look similar to this


If you run into any login issues or the Add-ins didn't install correctly, submit a ticket using this link



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