Captioning Office365 PowerPoint Presentations in Panopto or Zoom Recordings

(Text of the instructions in the picture below.)

Using the Office 365 Application (Campus Email) and recording your Panopto or Zoom meeting, you may capture closed captioning automatically!!

If you log on to the Campus Email (Office365), hover your mouse over the 9-pin dots in the upper left corner of Outlook and select the PowerPoint App (PPT) from there and create and/or drag & drop (paste) your presentation there.  If you share your screen from that point, the captioning will be done automatically for you BUT the only way to save the captioning is to record the meeting.

  1. Open PPT
  2. Select "Slide Show"
  3. Select "Always Use Subtitles" -- using the drop down there, you may select the language you with the presentation to be translated into!
  4. Once language is selected, go back and select the "Always use Subtitles" in the menu bar, as it must appear "grayed" out, or it isn't really turned on.
  5. Go to your Panopto Recording or Zoom meeting and open the PPT application from the Office365 website so that you are sharing it in the Panopto Recording or Zoom meeting and just begin your presentation.  It will soon show the captioning at the bottom of your slides (if that's where you chose to put them). 
  6. As the presenter, it will pick up your voice, however, you must have your volume turned up to LOUD to pick up the participants' questions--otherwise, their questions are not transcribed, only your response back to them.  Another way around this is to repeat the participants' questions and then provide your response.

Screenshot of Closed Captioning Office365 and PowerPoint presentations recorded in Zoom


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