What IT services require VPN?

TCC IT Services Needing VPN Access

Faculty & Staff Facing Services Only

Due to security configurations of the college network, some IT services are only accessible using the college VPN. 

For more information about requesting VPN access click here.

File Server Shares Also called department shares, these file shares contain department files.  They may have a name like N drive or H drive.
Finance Budget Reports Used by budget managers and assistants.  These budget reports are linked by an application on the portal.
Bookstore Servers   These services are used for the bookstore information system.
Lock Control Systems This system is used to control electronic locks on campus.
Facilities Mgmt Systems Various facilities management systems such as lighting control and HVAC. 
Campus Signage Control Tools to control interior and exterior signage.
Legacy Administrative System Replaced by ctcLink, Secure92 is used to access legacy data on the pre-ctcLink legacy administrative system.
OnBase Office and Outlook Plugins Word and Outlook Plugins for OnBase require VPN.



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