How to integrate WAMAP or MOM for full Canvas Grade Book synchronization.

These are the instructions from the video that allow you to integrate WAMAP or MOM to Canvas, and a printable copy of the instructions below, so that the assessments are embedded into Canvas and the grades synchronize between the two grade books.  The only big caveat is that sync requires students access WAMAP only through the links in Canvas; it doesn't (can't) work if students are using WAMAP standalone.

  1. Open the WAMAP/MyOpenMath (“MOM”) system and create or navigate to the course you will be linking into Canvas.
    • If you just created the course and this is your first time using it, you can use it to associate with your existing Canvas course, however...
    • If your existing WAMAP course is a master course or the WAMAP course that you used in a previous term, it's strongly recommended that you create a copy before adjusting the contents.  By creating a copy of the WAMAP course it keeps the students and all educational records separated into their respective terms
  2. Modify all your WAMAP content before initiating the integration to Canvas process--especially assessments with due dates, etc.--so that you do not have to import individual assessments when changed during the term.
  3. If you are not there yet, go to the Home page of WAMAP, select the course under Courses you're teaching, under Course Item, select Export.
  4. At Export For Another LMS,
    • At Items to export: choose Export entire course
    • At Your LMS: choose Canvas.
    • Under Canvas Export Options, put check marks as follows:
      • Include App Config? Do not include it if you have site-wide credentials, or if you are doing a second import into a course that already has a configuration.
      • Include WAMAP gradebook setup and categories
      • Include WAMAP due dates for assessments
      • Include WAMAP start dates for assessments and blocks
        Blocks will only include the start date if they are set to hide contents from students when not available.
      • Allow Canvas to set WAMAP due dates
        This option can also be set on the Course Settings page.
  5. Click on Download Export Cartridge (to place the Canvas IMSCC file on your computer).
  6. Go into your (mostly) empty Canvas course and go to Settings > Course Details > Import Course Content.
  7. Under Content Type, select Canvas Course Export Package and then select the IMSCC file from your computer.
  8. At Content, select All Content and then click Import.
  9. After the import finishes running, there may be one or two issues the settings to review, open the Issues link and make any corrections necessary.
  10. Navigate to the Modules link for this Canvas course and you'll notice that everything that was in the WAMAP/MOM/or whatever system you're using has now been imported into Canvas. 
    • When you click on the discussion forum it's going to be a forum in Canvas not a forum in WAMAP or MOM or the other system.
    • The difference is assessments:  Canvas formatting can't do the types of questions that the WAMAP/MOM system can handle. Students will not have to go into WAMAP to do any of the assessments--you and they will now only need to work within Canvas. When students go into the Canvas assessments, Canvas embedding will take them directly into the assignment in WAMAP/MOM. They see the assignment and when they complete the problems, the grade will get sent back to the Canvas grade book.
  11. Note these details and exceptions:
    • If you add or change any of the textual items, forum, etc. in WAMAP/MOM, you're not going to see that change in Canvas because you have already imported the content into Canvas.
    • If you change any assessment question already in WAMAP/MOM, the change will be visible because the assessments are embedded into Canvas.
    • If you were to add or remove questions from the WAMAP/MOM assessments, or if you changed the assessment question’s settings, those would be reflected in what is seen in Canvas...with exception of due dates. If you haven’t set Canvas to control the due dates, WAMAP/MOM will change but the change will not change in Canvas.  If you set the due dates to be controlled by Canvas, the change will sync up to WAMAP/MOM.
  12. If you add assessment questions, you must import the single items into Canvas in much the same way you add the whole course.



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