How do I create a Canvas Grading Scheme


Do you have your own grading scheme you want to use?  The default is only what TCC has in the college catalog--you can change to add your own!  Here are the instructions

How to create your own grading scheme in Canvas:

  1. Open your course Settings
  2. Under Course Details, scroll down to "Grading Scheme" and check "Enable course grading scheme"
  3. The "set grading scheme" link will appear and you will see the "View/Edit Grading Scheme" box
  4. Click on "manage grading schemes" to get to the "+Add Grading Scheme" option
  5. Give your new grading scheme a name and begin making the changes you would like to see in the letters and the percentage range
  6. When finished, click "Save" and return to the course Settings > Course Details > Grading Scheme > Enable course grading scheme  > set grading scheme
  7. Now choose "Select Another Scheme" to get to your list of grading schemes, highlight the new one and select "Use This Grading Standard" and then "Done."


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