How do I use Unicheck in Canvas as a faculty member?

Here are the steps and Canvas guide on how to use Unicheck in Canvas:

  • First, create the assignment in your Canvas course
  • In the assignment click on edit to edit the assignment settings
  • In the submission type section, choose the online option
  • You must check the Text Entry and/or the File Uploads options for the Plagiarism Review option to appear
  • The Unicheck options should appear if not click on the drop down menu in the Plagiarism Review section and choose Unicheck
  • If you do not want to store your students' papers, you will click to enable the exclude submissions from institutions' library option
  • The omit sources with similarity percentages less than option will sometimes match a small percent of text (*even 4 word matches)
  • The omit sources with number of matching words less than will report matches of sentences with 8 words or more by default
  • The show originality report to students will allow you to determine whether students will see the plagiarism report
  • Make any other changes and save your changes to your assignment
  • Now when students go to submit their assignment they will have to check the box that says "This assignment submission is my own original work," before they will be able to submit their assignment
  • To view the report from the Teacher perspective, click on the assignment to view the submissions and click on the Speedgrader for the assignment
  • On the right there will be a small colored box with a percentage. Click on that to open the new tab with the unicheck full originality report
  • On the left side it will show the different highlighted text to indicate possible different matches from different sources. 
  • The right side will include details about the matches that were found
  • This will include the similarity and originality percentages
  • It will show the potential matches from various sources

How to Use Unicheck in Canvas (Canvas Guide With Video)


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