Is there a Canvas Cheat Sheet for Professors?


Announcements - Create an Announcement

Course > Announcements > + Announcement

  • External RSS Feeds to create new Announcements 
  • Announcement notifications can be received via multiple channels

Assignments - Create an Assignment

Course > Assignments > Add Assignment Group > to Add Assignment

Course > Calendar > Click on date > Assignment tab > Submit

  • assignment groups such as attendance, discussions, papers, quizzes, etc.
  • Groups can be weighted to calculate the final grade
  • Assignment submissions from the Assignment page

Calendar - Create an Event

Calendar > Click on Date > Event tab > Submit

  • options to open Rich Content Editor and Content Pane
  • Drag & changes weeks months
  • up to 10 classes at once with color-coded global calendar view.

Chat - Join Chat 

Course > Chat

Global Navigation > Courses & Groups > Group > Chat

  • in real time at the same URL (Chat logs not saved)
  • via webcam or computer audio
  • Join real-time real-time

Collaborations - Create New Collaboration

Course > Collaborations > add people > Start Collaborating

Global Navigation > Courses & Groups > Group > Collaborations >

Start a New Collaboration

  • Google Profile
  • Invite any subset of the People enrolled in a course or group

Course Navigation - Customize Course Navigation 

Course > Settings > Navigation > Drag above/below line to show/hide

  • Course Navigation is a customizable list of links that helps you GO where you need to inside your course

Course Statistics - View Course Statistics

Course > Settings > Course Statistics

  • Total number of Assignment types
  • Recent student visits
  • Graph of page views over time

Discussions - Create a New Discussion

Course > Discussions > + Discussion

  • View Discussion Topics and Announcements or just Discussion Topics
  • Use Rich Content Editor and Content Pane to edit Topic
  • Attach Files to Discussions
  • Discussion options: delay posting, reply visibility
  • Turn a Discussions into a graded Assignments

Conferences - Create New Conference

Course > Conferences > Make a New Conference

Group > Conferences > Make a New Conference

  • Conferences can be long-running or limited to x number of minutes
  • Describe purpose of Conference in the description field
  • invite any subset of

Conversations - Create New Conversation

Inbox > to open To: field > Name, Message, Send

  • Messages can be sent to any of your classes, sections, groups
  • Users can color code, archive, and unsubscribe from a Conversation
  • Message threads Assignments

Course Home Page - Change Home Page Layout

Course > Home > Change Home Page Layout

  • Course Activity Stream (Default), Design Custom Page, Modules Page, Assignments

Course Import/Export Tool - Import/Export Course Content

Course > Settings > Import Content into this Course

Course > Settings > Export this Course

Course > Settings > Copy this Course (NOTE: Don't use this feature.)

  • Content can be imported and exported at a granular level
  • Exported shared email

ePortfolios - Create a New ePortfolio

Profile > ePortfolios > Create an ePortfolio

  • Organize ePortfolio into Sections with Pages
  • Widgets: Rich Content Editor, HTML Embed, Course Submissions, Images/Files
  • Enable comments; make comments public; make ePortfolio public
  • Download ePortfolio as .zip files
  • ePortfolios to

Course Files - Access Course Files

Course > Files

  • File hierarchy on the left / File preview pane on the right
  • Upload single files or .zip files
  • Sort files into folders (Mouse over file icon to move files from right to left)
  • Preview files by clicking on the file title
  • Three levels of security: public (default), locked until linked, always locked
  • Download files

Grades - Edit Grades

Course > Grades > Click on cell > Enter > Edit > Enter or Arrow Key

  • Grading history is always saved, can revert to past grades
  • Leave media comments to provide assessment feedback
  • Download CSV export of gradebook, edit, and re-upload
  • Include or Ignore ungraded Assignments to calculate Total Grade
  • Students see a course hypothetical


Groups - Create New Group

Course > People > Groups Tab > + Group Set

  • Create groups manually or automatically
  • Drag and drop student names to change group enrollments
  • Allow and disallow self-sign-up by course or by section
  • Student-created groups and instructor-created groups persist after course ends
  • Students can create Announcements, Discussion Topics, edit Pages, share Files, see Registered create Collaborations

Help Corner - Help Corner Options

Help > Search Canvas Guides > Instructor User Guide > [Search]

Help > Ask the Canvas Community > [Search]

Help > Request a Feature > [Search] > Vote or Suggest an Idea

Help > Report a Problem > [Subject & Description] > Send Feedback

In-context Help - Look for Blue Question Marks

  • Course Setup Checklist, Conversations, ePortfolios, Math Editor, Outcomes, etc.

Math Editor - Link a Learning Outcome to a Rubric

Course > Edit > π

  • Click on symbols or type Latex

Modules - Build a New Module

Course > Modules > Add a New Module > [Name] > Add Module > Add Item to Module

  • Drag and drop to order modules or module items
  • Define requirements for completing any given module
  • Set prerequisites or “co-requisites” to sequence course content
  • View student progress

Quizzes - Create a New Quiz

Course > Quizzes > + Quiz > [Quiz Options] > Add Questions > Save Settings > Preview > Publish Quiz

  • Edit Quiz Instructions and Question Prompts with Rich Content Editor
  • Building Quizzes: Add questions manually, copy questions from Question Banks, Create Question Group from manually-created questions, or Link Question Group to a Question Bank
  • Quiz grade is the sum of points assigned to individual questions and/or Question Groups

Rich Content Editor - Edit Discussion Topic, Calendar Event, Page, Quiz, etc.

  • Formatting tools (bold, italics, underline, text color, text highlight, alignment, indent, bulleted and numbered lists, tables, font and paragraph styles)
  • Link or unlink to internet resources (YouTube links will auto-embed)
  • Embed Images (Search and embed images from Flickr Creative Commons)
  • Insert Math Equations
  • Leave Media Comments (Record or upload video or audio files)

Notification Preferences - Customize Notification Preferences

Profile > Notifications > Add or Delete Channels > Set Frequency

Outcomes - Create a Course-level Outcome

Course > Outcomes > + New Outcome > [Descriptions] > Rating Levels > Threshold of Mastery

  • Align Assignments, Quizzes, and graded Discussions to Outcomes
  • View student “artifacts” sorted by Outcome
  • Helpful for institution-wide reporting and accreditation

Pages - Create a New Page

Course > Pages > View All Pages > Create a New Page > [New Page Title] > Create > [Edit] > Save Changes

  • Use Rich Content Editor and Content Pane to edit Page
  • Hide Page from students until completed
  • Set permissions to add Students and Observers as editors

Profile - Edit Profile

Profile > Edit Profile > [Full Name, Display Name, Language, Time Zone, Change Password]

  • Some profile settings may be frozen by LMS Admin
  • Add an avatar
  • Add communication channels and link to Registered Services

Question Banks - Create a New Question Bank

Course > Quizzes > Settings > Manage Question Banks > Add Question Bank > [Question Bank Name] > Hit enter to save

  • Add questions manually or move and copy questions to other Question Banks
  • Bookmark Question Banks to display at top of page
  • Department- or institution-level Question Banks are easily shared

SpeedGrader™ - Open SpeedGrader™

Course > Grades > Choose Assignment > SpeedGrader™ Course > Open Assignment/Quiz/graded Discussion > (Edit Assignment Settings) > (Update) > SpeedGrader™

  • Grade all submissions for an assignment in one place
  • Multiple submissions will appear in dropdown menu for easy access
  • Red notification message in Assignment was submitted after due date
  • Click on Settings to sort student list or hide student names in dropdown menu
  • Type score and click tab or enter to autosave to gradebook
  • View Rubric to use rating levels or type free-form comments
  • Feedback for students can be typed, recorded, or uploaded
  • Upload files with comments for students
  • Download all submissions and re-upload from the Assignment page

Syllabus - Edit Syllabus Description

Course > Syllabus > Edit Syllabus Description > Update Syllabus

  • Use Rich Content Editor and Content Pane to edit Syllabus Description
  • Syllabus table is automatically generated based on Assignments due
  • Assignments without a due date will appear under “Other” at the bottom



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