How can I load Office 365 on my home system?

Office 365 is available to current students and most employees at Tacoma Community College. The software can be installed on up to five personal devices which include PC, MAC, iPad, and Mobile phones (Android and iPhones). Windows phones and tablets should have Office already available. Soon after leaving the college, your O365 subscription will expire. You will have access to the software for up to 30 more days at which time the software goes into reduced functionality mode. Once that occurs, a key for the software will need to be purchased to continue using it. While the subscription is active, the device will need to connect to the Internet at least once every 25 days to allow the software to verify subscription.

This Personal Use License is for your own devices, do not install this version of O365 on your campus issued PC or laptop.  

Please Note:  Office 2016 is not supported for operating systems older than Windows 7. If you have Vista or Windows XP you will not be able to run Office 2016.  

Campus email

1)  Click on the group of squares in the upper right hand corner of your TCC Portal

2)  Click on Campus EMail


1)  Click on the Tiles, the groping of squares on the left side

Office 365

2)  Click on Microsoft 365



1)  On the right hand side, click on Install and more on the right hand corner

2)  Click on Install Microsoft 365 apps

Office 365 Apps


Click on Install Office

You will be prompted to save the install and then run it from your Browser downloads.

This will start the install wizard of Office 365.  Depending on your connection, this can take up to 30 minutes to install.

The first time you use one of the Microsoft products it will ask you to log in, you will want to pick a Work or School account, NOT a Microsoft Personal account.

Students: You are on a server called "Student" so you must add that to your full email:  Portal User  Your password is your Portal password.

Staff & Faculty:  You will use your full TCC email.  The password is your Portal password.


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