How do I make a recording in Canvas using the Media Recording as a Student?

This guide is going to walk you through using the Media Recording option in Canvas for recording your voice or video for an assignment.  

Before opening a browser

Before opening your browser (Edge or Safari are preferred web browsers for use of the Flash Player needed for Canvas Media Recording--all other web browsers do not use Flash Player any more), You will need to plug in your headset with microphone or desktop microphone and let Windows detect them.  If your system has a built in Microphone and Camera then you don't need to wait for them to be detected

Go to assignment

In course in Cavnas you are going to click on the Assignment


In the upper right hand corner, click on Submit Assignment

Media button

Click on the Media tab if you have more than one choice

Create new tab

1)  Right click on the Record/Upload Media button

2)  Click on Open link in new tab

New Tab

Click on the new browser tab that you created

Submit again

Click on the Submit Assignment again

Media Recording

Left click on Record/Upload Media to start the recording application

Allow Blocked

Some browsers may ask you to allow the blocked content.

Click on Allow

Select Microphone

Click on the icon for the Microphone if you’re just using a headset with a Mic

Allow Flash Player

Click on Allow for the Adobe Flash Player

Allow the settings

You may also have to click on Close to allow the Microphone  ****NOTE****  Every system and browser is a little different


Click the anywhere in the box to start your recording


Click anywhere within the recording box to stop the recording once you are done

Save or re-record

Play back will right away.

If your recording is good then you can click Save

If you made a mistake and want to redo it, click the red circle to re-start your recording  ****NOTE****  When you re-record it will over your current one


1)  You will see your saved recording and a message that it is Ready to Submit!

2)  Click on Submit Assignment



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