How do I login to the TCC Portal as a student?

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This guide will walk you through logging into the TCC Portal.  This is where you will find the Bulletin, where we post news about events on campus.  The Quick Links, which are short cuts to applications and sites that we use on a day to day basis.  Access to your Microsoft email account that is provided to you as an employee/faculty of TCC.  Look around and explore, TCC has so much to offer in resources and assistance.

Go to the Tacoma Community College web site

1)  Go to the URL:

2)  Click on More

3)  Click on Portal Login (Email, Canvas, ctcLink)

Log in


1)  Enter your user name (IN ALL LOWERCASE LETTERS)

**For Students:  Your username is first letter of first name, complete last name, last three digits of student I.D. number, two digit day of birth. For example: JDoe65405

**For Staf/Faculty:  Your username is first letter of first name, complete last name

2)  Enter your password

3)  Click Login

4)  If you are logged into a computer on Campus, you can click here for a quick log in

Once successfully logged in, your TCC Portal should look like this:



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