How to synchronize LaunchPad grades into Canvas?

If the LaunchPad assignments do not synchronize into Canvas, faculty may need to contact the LaunchPad technical support website or telephone line at 1-800-936-6899.

Once the reload is solved the assignments will need to be manually entered from LaunchPad to Canvas, again. The assignments will be successfully brought over from LaunchPad to Canvas Modules, and scores will be seen correctly within the LaunchPad grade book, but the scores will not come over to Canvas grade book.  The Canvas gradebook may not respond to a manual refresh because the software does not recognize that the content has been brought over, even though the assignment links are linked in Modules.  It will mean deleting the original LaunchPad assignments in Canvas Assignments, then re-deploy each of the LaunchPad assignments again for the grades to show correctly within Canvas AND the grading detail as well.

Another good-to-know thing is that, when faculty deploy assignments from LaunchPad to the Canvas Modules, LaunchPad assignments reside into the top of the Canvas Assignments groups, regardless of category name. Remember that in creating a category name that you want LaunchPad assignments associated with, the naming of the category should to be done before the deployment and syncing process.



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