How do I view grades in the Dashboard as an instructor?

Here is a guide on how to view grades in the Dashboard as an instructor?

You can view overall course grades in the Dashboard. This button is available to all user roles and displays grades for both courses being taken and courses being taught, if any.

Open Grades

Open Grades

In the Dashboard sidebar, click the View Grades button.

View Courses

View Courses

The Courses I'm Teaching heading show the name of each course and the current overall grade average [1], which displays the number of students who are part of the average score. If no grades have been assigned, the grade appears as no grade [2].

To view grading details in the Gradebook, click the name of the course [3].

To view interactions with your students and student activity in the course, click the Student Interactions Report link [4].

Note: You can also access the Student Interactions Report from the People page in a specific course.


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