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Canvas now supports Microsoft Office 365 in Assignments, Modules, Course Navigation, Collaborations, and the Rich Content Editor (which is in all Canvas objects, like discussions, Assignments, Quizzes, etc.).  This integration allows students and instructors to use, create, share, and collaborate on and view their Office 365 files (the Tacoma Community College OneDrive for Business files) directly in Canvas.  For the first time you use it, you must log into your MyTCC Portal and then you click on the Office 365 button in your course‚Äôs navigation pane, you will need to log into it and instructions for that login are in this tutorial.

You may also download up to five (5) licenses of Microsoft Office 365 on your home computers by following the instructions in this how-to article.

As a current employee or student of the college, you are allowed to install Microsoft Office on up to five personally-owned computers.

Please do not attempt to install this on a college-owned computer.

Directions on how to do that are followed:


Log into the TCC Portal (My TCC)

Click on the "Campus E-Mail" Quick Link Office 365 Settings

Select the Waffle Icon on the top left corner, and then Office

Click on Install Office on the top right corner and click the first option. 

Select "Install" and follow the prompts.  Please Note that Office 2013 is no longer available

Once you install the product, start any of the Office programs. 

If asked to register the product, use your Student (or staff) login credentials to validate the install. 

You must use your full email address ( for faculty & staff and for students) and password to register.


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