How do I view group files as a student?

As a student, you may be added to a group within your course. Groups files include any content uploaded to your group workspace.

Group files include uploaded assignment submissions and other group-related files uploaded to your group storage area. By default, each group has 50 MB of storage space in Canvas. All published files can be viewed by all group members.

Group files are automatically published when they are uploaded to the group.

As groups are essentially mini courses, all group members have the same permissions to moderate files, including uploading files, publishing files, restricting access, and deleting files.


Open Group

Open Group

Click the Groups link [1], then click the name of the group [2].

Open Files

Open Files

In Group Navigation, click the Files link.

View Group Files

  View Group Files

All your group folders display in the left panel [1]. View files in the right panel by clicking the name of a folder.

You can view your group quota and what percentage of that quota has been used [2]. Files that have been submitted as group assignments and group graded discussions do not apply to the user quota.

If you want to see the Files for all your courses and/or groups, click the All My Files link [3]. Canvas will refresh the page to show your user files page with all courses and group folders.

  View Group Files Folder

The Groups folder creates folders based on default events in Canvas. Once you upload a file related to one of these areas, the folder and accompanying file will be created for you.

  • The Submissions folder [1] contains copies of your assignment submissions; assignments are organized by course folder and displayed alphabetically.
  • The Unfiled folder [2] stores files that you attach to discussion topics or discussion replies (if attachments are allowed by your instructor).

Group files also includes any additional folders you create to organize your files, as well as any files not uploaded to a specific folder. Any files in the group folder that are not related to assignment submissions count toward your user quota.

All files can be viewed by all group members. Please note that all group members hold the same permissions, so one group member can delete or move files uploaded by another group member. Group files are published by default.

Note: For group assignment submissions, if you submit a file that has previously been uploaded to the group, you can delete the previously uploaded file after it has been submitted and free up extra storage in your group files. However, to submit a previously uploaded file in group files, the file must be moved to the user files folder for the student submitting the assignment on behalf of the group, as the assignment submissions page can only access user files and not group files.

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