How do I fill out the Network Account Request form?

This guide will walk you through filling out the Network Account Request form. You can use this link to get to the form:  Request Network Account

Step 1:  Click the button Request Account

Step 2:  The first drop down is the list of Employees that you can pick to request an account for. 

**Note** If you are not seeing your new employee listed, please reach out to HR to check on their status as a new employee of TCC.  Once HR has set them to Active, they should appear on the list. If they are a returning employee and you are not seeing them on the list and HR has confirmed that they have set their status to Active, please submit a ticket for IT to manually add them to the list or reactivate their account if they were never fully Offboarded. 

Step 3:  The next section is to select if they need a new phone, don't need a phone, or transfer the number of another phone to the new employee.

Step 4:  Now you will select if the employee needs a Prox card and Long Distance Code.  Even if both of the answers are "no" you must fill in a budget and click the green button to add the budget to the form.

**Note**  If you are not aware of your departments Budget, you can reach out to the Business Office, or check with your supervisor/manager/Dean for the information. 

Step 5: You will now select the building they will be located at, even if they do not need a Prox card, you must fill in a location, and click the green button.

**Note**  If your not sure what building they would need access to, think on where they would be going in their day to day work activities.  Would they need to have access to any class rooms, other buildings, conference rooms, or labs?  You can also reach out to Rich Langhorn in Facilities and ask him what the previous employee had access to, and plan for their access with that as a starting point. 

Step 6:  Next you will put in the location for the key's access, even if they will not have physical keys, you must fill this in and click the green button.

Step 7:  The last section you will pick any of the Department Shares they need access to by clicking the green button.  Once done, you will click Submit.

**Note**  Once an employee is Offboarded, the share access they had would be removed. To know what shares they would need access to, you can ask your supervisor/manager/Dean or a department Admin Assistant as they may of had the same access. 


If you get an error, it generally means a field was left empty.  The only section that you can leave empty is the Department Shares.



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