How do I set up my Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for ctcLink?

ctcLink Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will activated for all ctcLink users.


What do I need to do?


  • If you’ve already activated your ctcLink account with MFA: Nothing!  You shouldn’t notice any difference in your log in experience.
    • Email MFA is already auto-configured, so you will have one factor ready to use!
    • Your Phone MFA may also be pre-configured depending on the information you provided during your ctcLink account creation.
  • You can review "How to set ctcLink Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) settings" guide for information about setting things up.
  • The first time you will be offered your three factors you set up when you activated your ctcLink Account (Here is a guide if you have not activated your account)
  • If you have already set up your ctcLink account but you have not set up the Recovery Options, here is a guide that will walk you through setting them up.

What will the MFA look like?

After you log into ctcLink:

You will get a pop up for your MFA option to pick from:

Which ever one you pick, that will be the default for your next log in:

You can always pick Verify with something else, if you want one of the other 3 options you set up on Activation. 



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