How to set ctcLink Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) settings?

We created this guide to show where you can find your Recovery Options to verify they are correct for the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) implementation. You will want to double-check your settings prior to July 5th.

Step 1:  Go to this link for your ctcLink Settings:

Step 2:  Log into your ctcLink account

Step 3:  You may see some options set already.  These are your Recovery Options from when you set them up several years ago.  For now, select one of the options to gain access to your settings.

Step 4:  You will be to the page My Apps, click on Password Settings

Step 5:  Under the Security Methods, if any of the standard ones are missing (your Phone, Email, or the security question), you can click the link Set Up by the option and enter your information

Step 6:  Once you have your options set up, click on your name in the upper right hand corner and select Sign out

Now when you log in, after your password, you will be given the option of a method to use to verify your ctcLink identity. 

One of the options that is not listed in the Okta guide is the option to download and use the Okta Verify App. Here are the links for Android and Apple devices. 

***NOTE*** You will not see the option to set up the App until after July 5th, 2023 when the MFA is turned on. You can download the App and have it ready.

Step 1:  After you download the App, launch it and follow the prompts to the screen where you are ready to scan a QR Code.  (Due to security settings, the App will not allow screen shots do to the security of the App.)

Step 2:  Using the steps above, navigate to your ctcLink Settings. Under the Security Methods, click Set up by Okta Verify

Step 3:  Enter your password, click Verify

Step 4: After being prompted by one of your current verification methods, you will get to the Set up for the Okta App.  Click Set up


Step 5:  You will use the App to scan the QR Code when prompted. 

Step 6:  When you return to your ctcLink Setting screen, you will now see your device listed under the Okta Verify


For more information on setting up your ctcLink Recovery Options via the ctclink Guide you can use this link




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