How do I use Syllabus Templates in Canvas?

This guide shows you how to add the Tacoma Community College Syllabus Template to your Canvas course. These templates were adopted by the college in June 2020 and have been in use since Winter 2021. They include up-to-date language for all required policy and procedural information, along with optional sections that will increase student engagement and provide critical course and support information. They are also fully accessible for students with disabilities. Once you've imported the syllabus template, you will be able to customize your syllabus to fit your individual instructional needs.

Step 1: Import the TCC Syllabus Template

1. Click the "Syllabus" link in your Canvas Course Navigation 

Screenshot showing syllabus link in Canvas course navigation

2. Click the Edit button.

3. Launch Design Tools by clicking on the rocket icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, or by using the short-cut keys Option-Shift-D on a Mac or Alt-Shift-D on a PC.

Screenshot shoring Design Tools Button

4. Click “Create/Edit Syllabus Content” in the Design Tools editor.

5. Click “Copy Existing Content.”

6. Under “Institutional Syllabus Templates,” you will find the official TCC Syllabus Templates. Select your preferred syllabus template from the drop-down menu.  You have two options:

  1. Full Syllabus Template: This template contains all required sections along with additional sections that will faculitate student success. The Syllabus Task Force developed all optional sections based on extensive student success research and feedback from TCC professors.
  2. Syllabus Template (Required Sections Only): This template includes only the sections that are required by TCC policy.

Screenshot of template selection options

Step 2: Customize Syllabus Template

Important: All required sections are marked in the template with an asterisk*. The template includes required language for some sections. Required language must appear in your syllabus without change. You can remove the asterisks while customizing your syllabus.

The template includes example language for most sections. Example language can be edited or deleted and replaced.

Some divisions may have additional sections required by the division. Check with your chair or dean if there are sections that you must include (eg. Lab Safety; Studio Rules).

Professors may add sections to the template according to their instructional or disciplinary needs.

1. From the Design Tools interface click "Add/Rearrange Syllabus Blocks"

Screenshot showing syllabus block selection

2. From this menu you can rearrange, duplicate, and delete syllabus blocks.

Rearrange content blocks

3. You can also add blocks by clicking the "Add Blocks" button and typing the name of the new syllabus block. The new block will appear in your block list.

4. To edit a syllabus block, simply use the Canvas Rich Content Editor like you would on any other Canvas Page

5. You can also change the visual look of your entire syllabus page at any point by clicking "Choose a Theme" inside the "Create/Edit Syllabus Content" menu, and selecting one of Design Tools' many engaging, accessible themes.

Design Tools theme selector



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