How can I set up my Multifactor Authentication to have more than one option to verify me?

In this guide we are going to walk you through setting up alternate means of being verified for the Multifactor Authentication when signing into your TCC email when off campus or on your mobile device. 

Step 1.  Log into your MFA Setup:

1.  Select the alternate options you wish to use. You may select as many of the phone options as you wish to enter.

2.  select the country code for your phone, then enter the phone number with area code, no spaces.  For example:  2535551234

3.  Click Save

Here are the steps to sign into your TCC email using a different phone if you are away from your cell phone or home phone.


Step 2.  Sign into your TCC email account

1.  Enter your TCC email address

2.  Click Next

Step 3.  Chose the type of account

Click on Work or school account

Step 4.  Enter your password

Enter your password and click Next

Step 5.  Entering the code

To pick a different verification method, click Sign in another way

Step 6. Pick a verification method

You can now pick to have Microsoft Text your Phone or call your office phone or call your home phone.  Just click on your option.

If you click on Text, a text will be sent to your cell phone

If you click on Call one of the numbers, you will get a call to that number with a recording to press # to be verified

If you chose the Mobile App you can use a code from the app or you will get a pop up that you press to verify










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