How do I safely share content in a Teams Group?

This guide will walk you through sharing content in a Teams Group.  To create a Teams group, you can follow this guide.  You can have a group with people both of TCC and outside of TCC:

Private Team

1)  Be sure your team is set to Private.  Only members of the team can see content and only the Owner can add members.

2)  Click Next


1)  Type in the Email of the member you wish to add.  **NOTE**  You can add any email, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or a TCC email which will pop up a list to pick the TCC Student/Professor/Staff

2)  Click Add


You can add files a few different ways.  Drag and Drop them in the window, +New to create a document from the start, or upload them from your computer’s hard drive files. 

Only Members of the group can see these files.



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