Document Storage and Microsoft OneDrive

It's important for all employees to know that the hard drives of college-issued computers are not backed up. Since hard drives of computers are a single point of failure, please do not store documents, pictures, videos, etc. on the local drive.  Additionally, removable media is not an adequate back-up device. USB flash drives (commonly known as thumb drives) or any other external media does not meet the Data Confidentiality and Security Policy of Tacoma Community College. OneDrive is an acceptable college resource for storing data.

If you are an instructor, or work with students in computer classrooms and labs, please know that the computers are "reset" to a default configuration each time they are used, erasing any changes made during that session, including documents and any saved data. For that reason, please encourage your students know to avoid data loss by storing their documents to their Microsoft OneDrive.

The best and safest place to store files:

Microsoft OneDrive

The video below explains Microsoft OneDrive, and how it can be used to keep your important data safe. It's also possible to "share" your OneDrive documents with others by granting permission to the files, and sending out links.

If you find that your version of OneDrive is outdated, click the "Upgrade Needed" button on the right to request assistance.


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