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Thu 7/18/19 2:40 PM

Dear Titans,


 Educational institutions are a continual target for a variety of malicious software such as viruses or “ransomware”.  Ransomware is software that encrypts files, making them inaccessible.  It also places a text file with instructions to pay a ransom in order to obtain access.


  Please review this guide, which discusses how to identify and mitigate these risks.


  We are not aware of any specific threat to our college, and ask you remain vigilant.  In the event you observe any such attempt, please report it to the IT Department immediately.  Do not take any further actions until we can assist you.


Thank you!


Information Technology | Tacoma Community College

Faculty & Staff: 253.460.HELP (4357)

Students: 253.566.5176

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Mon 6/24/19 12:43 PM

  We have received reports of “phishing” email messages being sent from a small number of TCC accounts.  These emails contain a link and are phishing attempts – they are not legitimate.  Please delete these messages (without clicking on any links) and empty your trash.  We are continuing to identify the accounts generating these emails, and working to remediate the issue.


Below you will find information about how you can identify and protect yourself from Phishing attempts.



Phishing attempts can be compelling, and are designed to evoke a response.  Please be sure to reach out to the IT department if you find yourself in such a situation, and are feeling pressured to act.  If you received the email, please delete it and empty your deleted items.


For more information on Phishing, please see below:


Hackers will impersonate high-profile websites (e.g., eBay, Amazon, Facebook, etc.) or entities such as the IRS or banks, and say that they’re experiencing trouble with your account or they want to verify information; all you have to do to fix it is to send them your username and password to verify your authenticity or click on a link to verify information. 


Watch out for these scams!


Things to remember:

  1. If you don’t recognize the sender of the email, don’t trust any attachments or hyperlinks.
  2. Normally, banks or other finance-related institutions won’t ask you to verify information through email.
  3. If you receive an email that you suspect is not legitimate, please contact the TCC IT Help Desk at 253.460.HELP (4357) or


5 Email Security Tips


Email and computers are a potential gateway for hackers, viruses, and other impropriety.  Here are 5 quick tips to help you stay safe and secure.


  1. Stay watchful and cautious.

It’s easy for an unauthorized person to email you and pretend to be a vendor or business partner. Be cautious and double-check before responding to sensitive requests.


  1. Do not reuse passwords.

Using one password for all of your accounts is a mistake.  You should also have an entirely unique password for each of your accounts.


  1. Change your passwords regularly.

Changing your passwords regularly will help to reduce the risk of your password falling into the wrong hands over time.


  1. Beware of phishing scams.

Hackers will imitate and impersonate high-profile websites (e.g., eBay, Amazon, Facebook, etc.) and say that they’re experiencing trouble with your account; all you have to do to fix it is to send them your username and password to verify your authenticity.  Watch out for these scams!


  1. If you see something, say something.

Most importantly, report any suspicious behavior to the TCC IT Help Desk.


Fri 5/31/19 6:43 PM

Requests for Instructional Software Installation


(Information Commons, Library, Multimedia Rooms, and Departmental Computer Labs)

FALL Quarter


We are approaching the time to prepare the student computers for Fall Classes.


If your courses will require new software, upgrades, or browser plug-ins in the Information Commons, Library, Multimedia Rooms, Computer Classrooms, or Departmental Computer Labs, please complete this request.  To install software we will need the media (or link) and licensing information.  We will automatically update items like QuickTime, Flash, Shockwave, internet browsers, etc. to their latest versions at the time of development – but if you have anything specific, please be sure to mention it to ensure it does get updated.


We will need to have the media and licenses no later than Monday, August 5th, 2019.   It can be delivered to Bldg. 18, Room 301.


Unfortunately, software received after the dates listed above may not be available for the beginning of class.  Additional requests will be addressed as quickly as possible.

Thu 5/30/19 4:57 PM

What:  ctcLink maintenance outage

When:  Saturday, June 1st, 2019, 7:00 am – 1:00 pm

Details:  ctcLink will be unavailable for Faculty, Staff, and Students due to routine system maintenance. 


  • The entire ctcLink environment will be unavailable starting 7:00 am on Saturday, June 1, 2019 through 1:00 pm the same day.
  • The Online Admissions Application (OAA) and Continuing Education Application (OSECE) will be unavailable during the outage.
  • Canvas access will not be impacted.  You will be able to log into Canvas through the TCC Portal.


Fri 5/3/19 3:54 AM

Today’s Tech Tip features the benefits and bonuses of using OneDrive. 

  • Did you know OneDrive can be installed to automatically backup your TCC computer?  If your computer has a hardware or software malfunction, gets stolen or lost (in the case of a laptop), your files will be safe.  Any files you create in OneDrive are backed up whenever your system is on and has a network connection. 
  • You can also access your files from any computer!  On or off campus, you can access your files by logging into the Portal and navigating to OneDrive through your Campus E-Mail.  
  • OneDrive also has a Recycle Bin feature.  If you accidently delete something it can be restored. 

 Here are some guides for you on some of the key features of OneDrive.

How do I sync OneDrive to my system?

 How do I upload a file to OneDrive?

 How do I restore an item that was deleted on accident?


If you have any questions on OneDrive you can submit a ticket using the link below or send an email to

We are here to help!


Information Technology | Tacoma Community College

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Students: 253.566.5176 | |

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