How Do I Submit a Request to Have My Video Recording Captioned?

Here are the steps, video, and printable instruction guide (off to the right side of this article), on how to submit a request to have your video recording captioned:

  1. Make sure CaptionHub is enabled in your course navigation
    • To do this, click on settings for your course
    • Click on the Navigation tab at the top
    • You can either click and drag CaptionHub from the bottom to the top section or click on the 3 dots next to CaptionHub and click to select Enable
    • Make sure to click Save at the bottom
  2. In your course, click on CaptionHub in the left hand course navigation
  3. A new tab should open taking you to CaptionHub, click on the Create New Request option on the right side at the top
  4. Click to choose whether it's a Panopto or YouTube video
  5. Paste the video URL or ID in the source video section and click Load
  6. Click to select whether you are or not the owner of the video
  7. Click to mark whether the video meets any of the criteria:
    • Is used for instruction
    • Captions are needed for a student accomodation request
    • The video will be used across multiple classes or quarters
    • The video is used specifically in class that is listed in the WA 45
  8. Click to select the turn around time needed for the captions (*the longer the turnaround, the lower the cost).
  9. Click to select whether the video is copyrighted with all rights reserved, or click to select one of the open license options
  10. Click to select the folder for the video to be filed in (contact the caption hub admiistrator [eLearning] for assistance if you have any questions).
  11. Identify which course the video wil be used in (EX: SOC 101, PHYS& 115, etc.).
  12. The Department/Course ID should automatically be filled in, if you clicked on CaptionHub through your course in Canvas
  13. Please make sure to add any technical language, acronyms, specific names, or other specialized terms to the Glossary field.
  14. Please make sure to include any notes that might make transcribing the video challenging (*Some Examples would be issues with the audio, problems with the speakers during recording, etc.)
  15. Once all the fields have been filled out, click on Create Request. It will then be sent to the Caption Hub Administrator for review.

*Please make sure to contact our eLearning department if you have any questions or are unsure of which options to select. eLearning can be reached at (253)-566-5176. You can also email, which will generate a support ticket.



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