How Do I Update My Ethnicity In ctcLink?

Here are the steps as well as a guide and video on how to update your ethnicity in ctcLink:

  • Sign into your ctcLink account
  • Click on the Student Homepage link
  • On the tiles screen click on the Profile tile
  • On the left click on Ethnicity
  • The Ethnicity tab displays first by default
  • Click and select your answers to the two IPEDS Ethnicity questions
  • Click on the Background tab
  • You can either click on an existing code below or click on the plus symbol + to add a new code
  • The Add Background menu should pop up
  • Click on the dropdown menu to select the Ethnic Group
  • If appropriate click the checkbox next to Primary
  • Click and select Save
  • You should now see your updated Background tab

Updating Ethnicity in ctcLink (GUIDE)

Updating Ethnicity in ctcLink (VIDEO):


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