How to send an email with students' home addresses AND the TCC course list

How to send a Campus email (in Outlook) to your students’ home email addresses AND the TCC Campus course list:


  1. Open the Campus email and create a new email to your class’ TCC contact list (the format is Quarter NameNumber-4digit). It is recommended that you put it in the BCC field so that you are not sending out students' personal information to the whole class (to set up BCC in the new, blank email select Options on the Ribbon, and in the Show Fields group select BCC):
  2. Open ctcLink and go to your course roster
  3. Go to the bottom of the course roster page and select notify all students
  4. You will get a Send Notification screen with From, TO, CC, and BCC fields.The students’ home email address will be in the BCC field.Highlight and copy the students’ email addresses:
  5. Go back to the email you started to create and paste the addresses to the BCC field:
  6. Create your Subject line, type a great email message in the Message field, include any attachments you need to, and Send!


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