How to add Outcomes to your TCC Canvas course.

All of TCC's formal degree learning, programs', and courses' outcomes (also found in CurriQNet) have been included in our Canvas production environment and you can pull them into your courses (whether into master shells for importing to live course shells, or directly into the live course shells).  Follow these instructions:

  1. To get formal Outcomes, go to the course you will be putting them in (either the live class or the master shell for importing later).
  2. Click on the OUTCOMES link,
  3. Select FIND on the top menu bar,
  5. Scroll down to your course type(s) (sample:  GEOG, GEOL, GEOL&, OCEA, OCEA&, etc.),
  6. Select the course number (sample:  GEOG 110),
  7. Click on the first outcome (sample:  GEOG 110-Outcome 1) and then select IMPORT and OK.
  8. You will be returned back to the FIND OUTCOMES main screen, and you select FIND again and Canvas remembers your course type, so you select the other outcomes until you are finished (items 3 and 7 above).
  9. If you want to add in other Courses, Programs (PLO's) or Degree Learning (DLO's), too, at Item 8 above, select BACK and scroll to the left with the scroll bar at the bottom of the FIND OUTCOMES screen.  Pick the Courses, Programs, or Degree Learning and scroll to what you want, then follow Items 7 and 8 above.


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