How do I change Panopto recordings from Specific People to Public?

Did you bring Panopto recordings over from a previous course or just include links back to that previous course?  If the former, you update the Panopto recordings by going into the Settings of the video(s), change from whatever the setting is to Public; if the latter, you go into that course and update the Panopto recordings the same way.  Here are the specific instructions for either situation:

  1. In the Course Navigation pane, select Panopto Recordings
  2. Hover the mouse over the recording and select Settings > Share
  3. Under Who has access: click on the downward arrow next to Specific People and choose Public on the web
  4. Select Save changes



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Tue 6/25/19 8:56 AM
Wed 3/24/21 1:37 PM