How to use Unicheck in Canvas (For Students)

Unicheck Plagiarism checker is available for both professors and students to use in Canvas. As long as the professor has selected unicheck to be used on the assignment, students have access. Below is the guide for how students can use Unicheck in Canvas:

When submitting an assignment:

  • Unicheck can only be used for uploaded files.
  • Browse for the file needed for the assignment and upload it.
  • Student must select ""This assignment submission is my own, original work"
  • Click "Submit Assignment" 
  • In the assignment you submitted in, click "Submission Details"
  • It takes several minutes for Unicheck to process a report for students, refresh the page if report has not been created yet. 
  • There will be a percentage in the center row of your assignment you submitted. This percentage is the amount that may not be original work. To get more details of the report, click on the percentage number. 
  • A new window will open sending you to the full report. 


In this report you can:

  • Download a pdf of the full report.
  • View how much originallity versus similiarity
  • How many references and citations are excludes
  • Sources included
  • ​​​​​​​And similarity sources on the internet relating to the assignment you have submitted


Here is also a visual guide on how to access Unicheck:


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