How do I troubleshoot my Apple laptop that's not connecting to the Wi-Fi?

(*Before trying this method please make sure to try disconnecting and reconnecting to the TitanPUBLIC wi-fi connection. Also please make sure to clear your cache (browsing history) and for logging into the Wi-Fi please try opening up any website through Safari to access the login page. If you have tried all of those methods, than please try the method listed in this article).

Here are the steps and guide on troubleshooting connecting to the Wi-Fi on your Apple laptop:

  • Click on the Apple menu and choose system preferences
  • Click on network
  • click to select wi-fi on the left
  • click on the advanced button towards the bottom of the menu
  • Click on the DNS tab
  • You may have to add the addresses of the two TCC Wi-Fi connections to this list. (*For security, please check with the staff in the Information Commons for these specific addresses).
  • You would then click on the + sign below the DNS Servers option
  • Type in the Wi-Fi addresses make sure to press enter on your keyboard to complete the entry
  • Click OK
  • *It is recommended that you then restart the computer and then try to connect to one of the TCC Wi-Fi connections.
  • How to troubleshoot connecting to wi-fi with an Apple laptop (GUIDE *scroll down the page to find the section on adding the Wi-Fi addresses)


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