How do I add a class to my wait-list?

  1. Login to ctcLink
  2. Select Student Homepage
  3. Select the Manage Classes tile.
    • The Manage Classes menu is displayed on the left.
  4. Select the Class Search and Enroll link on the left menu.
    • If multiple terms are available, a list of colleges and terms displays.
  5. Select the college and term for enrollment (if applicable), displaying the Class Search and Enroll page.
Manage Classes menu
  1. Users can search using the following options:
    1. Input a Keyword:  Input words that may be found in the course and class descriptions, subject, or class topics.
    2. Select from Favorites:  Displays courses added to favorites from previous schedule searches.
    3. Select from Recently Viewed:  Displays classes recently viewed in Class Search
    4. Select Additional Ways to Search:  Allows users to search by subject, catalog number and/or instructor.  We'll choose this method for this example.
Class Search and Enroll page
  1. When using Additional ways to search input Available Subjects, Catalog Number, or Instructor Last Name from the dropdowns and select the Search button, displaying the Course Detail page.  
    • Note:  Additional filters are available in the left menu to limit results after this high level search is performed.
Additional ways to search page
Additional filters
  1. Select the View Classes arrow.
  2. The available class sections will display.
View Search Results page
  1. Select the hyperlink from the Class row to view class details.
    • Class Information page is displayed.
Course Information page
  1. Use the tabs in the Class Information page to view additional class details.
    • Select the [X] on the top right to close the Class Information page, returning you to the Course Information list with class sections.
Class Information page
  1. To enroll in a section select the right arrow > at the end of the row for that class section.
    • The Class Search and Enroll guide displays in Step 1 Review Class Selection.
Course Information page
  1. Select the Next link at the top right of the page.
    • Step 2 Review Class Preference page displays.
Step 1 of 4 Review Class Selection page
  1. Make sure to set "Add to Waitlist if class is full?" to Yes and add Permission Number (if applicable) and select the Accept button.
    • Step 3 Enroll or Add to Cart page displays.
Step 2 of 4 Review Class Preferences page
  1. Select Enroll, then Next
Step 2 of 3 Enroll or Add to Cart page
  1. Select the Submit button.
    • A Submit confirmation will display.
Step 3 of 3 Review and Submit page
  1. Select the Yes option to confirm submission.
    • A message bar at the top of the page appears to confirm the course has been added or errors will display. Typical errors may be not meeting an enrollment requirement, a time conflict, full class, etc.
Submision confirmation window


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