How to use the Panopto iPad App

Here are the steps and guide on how to use the Panopto iPad App:

  • Tap on the sign in option in the top left corner to login to Panopto
  • Make sure the server option is set to Canvas for Tacoma Community College
  • Login with your credentials
  • Tap on all sessions to view previously recorded sessions
  • You will be able to choose folders in the app as well
  • You will see thumbnails on the screen to show the different parts of the overall recording
  • To view a recording offline, tap on the drop down arrow for the video you desire, you should notice it change to a pause button, the video will then download for viewing offline
  • Tap on record and upload on the navigation on the left side of the page to begin creating a recording
  • Enter a name for the recording and then tap record a new video
  • You have the play options to preview once you finish recording, as well as retake to re-record or use if you like the recording
  • Tap upload to upload the recording to your folder in Panopto

How to use the Panopto iPad App (GUIDE)


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