How do I record Microphone and System Audio In Panopto?

Here are the steps and guide on how to record system audio in Panopto:

  • Open the control panel and go to the hardware and sound section, click on Sound
  • Make sure to set your speakers as the default playback device
  • click on the recording tab
  • if you do not see stereo mix as one of the options under the recording tab, right click and choose the show disabled devices option
  • enable the stereo mix option
  • set stereo mix to the defaul device
  • Choose your microphone/headset microphone as the default communications device
  • under the listen tab make sure to enable the listen to this device option, click ok
  • open Panopto on your computer
  • set the primary source audio to stereo mix if necessary

How to record Microphone and System Audio in Panopto (GUIDE)


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