Can I make my SurveyMonkey survey accessible on assistive devices?

Yes, SurveyMonkey has the options to make surveys that are Section 508 compliant for people who use assistive devices.  On the SurveyMonkey website, the article, Web Accessibility: 508 Compliance & WCAG2, outlines the resources that SurveyMonkey has for this task.  The article, Creating Accessible Surveys, provides the steps to creating the accessible survey including the following best practices:

  • Not include images that blink or flash
  • Adding alternative text to logos and themes
  • Turning off One Question at a Time
  • Using a standard theme that is 508-compliant
  • Keeping text fields close to row labels
  • Clearly labeling required questions
  • Making error messages clear
  • Making navigation buttons clear


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Tue 7/3/18 10:50 AM
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