How do I send a Fax?

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Your telephone number is also your fax number. Incoming faxes arrive in your email inbox. Outgoing faxes are sent from the computer, similar to sending an email.

**Note**  Paper documents to be faxed need to be scanned first, attached to an e-mail message, and then sent via Outlook, Outlook Web Access, or other e-mail program.  Anyone on campus can send a Fax, but only people with a Phone can receive one here on campus.

An incoming FAX will ring your telephone until the system transfers it to voicemail.  The voicemail service then automatically forwards the incoming message to the FAX server.

If you pick up the receiver during this time do not hang up, terminating the call at this point would stop the FAX transmission.

If you do pick up the receiver during this time, listen until you hear two short tones and then see the LCD display on your telephone go blank. At that point the FAX has been transferred to the FAX server and you can hang up.

Sending a Fax Though Outlook

In the TO: field you will enter the number your sending the Fax to in the following format:

**Note**  If the number is a long distance number, add a 1.  Example:

Fax Content

The fax content can be entered as text in the body of the message or attached in a separate file

Successful fax

You will receive an email that will list the details of the fax that was sent and if it was successful



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