How do I setup the Meeting Owl?

Here are the steps to set up the Meeting OWL.

Step 1:  Plug the Owl into a Power source and the USB cable into a USB port on the computer.  You will hear a "Hoot" from the OWL as it powers up. Along the bace of the Unit there is a button for muteing the Camera.  If the button is pressed, you will see a large RED light, just press the button under the light to unmute the camera. 

Step 2:  Open Zoom and log in and start your meeting. When prompted, you will pick Join with Computer Audio

Step 3: The Audio should be set to the OWL.  Click on the Up Arrow next to the Mic icon and click on Audio Settings..

Step 4:  Be sure the Speaker and the Mic are both set to the Meeting Owl. You can click on the Test button for each to test them for sound and recording.

Step 5:  Click on the Up Awwor next to the Video and then click on Video Settings...

Step 6:  Use the drop down if you need to change the option to the Meeting OWL.

The Owl will take a moment to load the video, there is a status bar along the bottom.  You do not need to down load the App, please ignore the Ad.


The OWL is now ready for the meeting.  




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