PowerPoint Tutorial

This Power Point tutorial guide will show you some beginner basics for using Power Point.  We will show you four things:

(1) Create bullets (2) Insert a picture (3) Insert a hyperlink and (4) Insert audio

Create bullets

1) Click View

2) Make sure Normal is selected

3) Click on the slide you want bullets on

1) Click on Home tab

2) Click the bullets icon

Insert a Picture

1) Click on Insert

2) Click on Pictures

1) Click on Pictures

2) Click on Insert

1) Click Insert

2) Click into the slide you want to put the Hyperlink into

3) Click Hyperlink

1) Type in the web address you want to make a Hyperlink out of

2) Click OK

Insert Audio

1) Click on Insert

2) Click on Audio

3) Click on Audio on My PC...

1) Select the folder you have audio on

2) Select your audio file

3) Click Insert


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