How do I log into the TCC Portal as staff and faculty?

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1) Navigate to:

Portal Login

Click on the link Click here to Login
**NOTE** Students will use their Full TCC email: user
Your user name is comprised of:
o Your first initial of your first name
o Your full last name
o The last 3 digits of your ctcLink/Student ID number
o The day you were born
First name: Titan Last name: Jackson ctcLink/Student ID Number: 201123654 Date of birth: 01/01/1990
The user name will be:

Sign in

1) Enter your student email address: User
2) Click Next


1) Enter your Portal password, by default it is your Student/ctcLink ID number
2) Click Sign in

Say signed in

You will be asked if you want to stay signed in. It is recommended that you say No. You will be asked this each time even if you check the box not to ask you


You will see the student Portal


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