How do I play back a recording on a digital voice recorder without headphones?

This guide will walk you through playing back a recording from one of the Information Commons voice recorders using a computer and a set of headphones from the Information Commons.  However, if you really want to use a set of headphones with the voice recorders and not on the computer, you can go to the library and the headphones they use there will plug into the voice recorders.  



1)  Push down on the slide out USB port button

2)  Plug the USB into a computer



Click on Open folder to view files



Double click on Recorder



Double click on the folder where you have your recording



Double click on the file with the .WMA extension.  



Your recording will open in the Windows Media Player.  You can pause, play, and use the slider to repeat a section as you need to to type up the transcripts.  Just use a set of headphones to listen to the recording on your computer

Delete or Save


1)  Right click on the file you want to save or delete

2)  To Save click on Send to or click on Delete to just delete the file

3)  If your saving, chose where you wish to save it, a flash drive or the server space here on campus


For any assistance with this you can ask personnel at the front desk in the Information Commons located in building 16. 

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