How do you record audio in audacity and publish it to a wav file?

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This tutorial describes how to record audio in Audacity and publish it to a wav file using a Windows computer. Open Audacity Open the Audacity program. Start recording Click the Record button Start talking You are now recording. Make sure you can see fluctuating levels. This indicates that audio is being picked up. Stop the recording when you are finished. Click the Stop button when you are finished recording. Export the recording. (1) Click File (2) Click Export as WAV... Name the file Click in the File Name: text box and type the name of the file. You can type any name you want to. The Review Lecture name is an example. Choose the location to save the file. Select the location to save the file. In this example, I am saving the file to the Desktop. You can save the file to any location you choose. Save the file Click Save Done! You have now recorded audio and exported it as a wav file.


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