Who can proofread my paper?

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There is no one on campus who can proofread a paper for you, but the Librarians can help you make sure your citations are correct and the Writing & Tutoring Center can give you other kinds of help.  Here's the kind of help you can expect at the Writing & Tutoring Center:


•We will help you at any stage of the writing process: getting started, developing ideas, organizing, and reviewing. Bring writing assignments from any class, from biology to math, from nursing to art!

•We will read your work carefully and give helpful responses. In other words, we will be good readers. 

•We will help you identify problems in your writing and offer ways of solving them.

•We will provide an unthreatening environment and constructive suggestions.


•We will not edit or proofread your papers for you. We won't correct errors in spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and so on. However, we will point out mistakes and help you learn how to identify and correct them for yourself.

•We won't criticize your writing; we will not discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your teachers nor discuss or estimate grades. A suggestion for improvement does not guarantee a certain grade.

•We will not write your paper for you.

 Note: Please understand that revision takes time. Thus, please don't bring your paper in on the day it is due.


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