How to swap classes in ctcLink

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  1. Select the Manage Classes tile.
    • The Manage Classes menu is displayed on the left.
  2. Select the Swap Classes link on the left menu.
    • If the student is enrolled in more than one term or college eligible for dropping, a college/term selector will appear. If not skip to Step 4.
  3. Select the College and Term for the drop (if applicable).
    • Swap Classes page is displayed.  
Manage Classes menu
  1. Select the class to be dropped by selecting from the Select from Your Schedule drop down.
    • Class able to be selected.
Swap Classes page
  1. Select the class to be added by selecting Search for a Class from drop down and select the Search button. If Class Number is available, input Class Number under Enter Class Number and skip to Step 9.
    • Class Search page displays.
Swap Classes page
  1. Select the Additional Ways to Search button.
    • Additional Ways to Search box is displayed.
Class Search page
  1. Select Subject, Catalog Number, or Instructor Information from the drop downs and then select the Search button.
    • Class Search Results page is displayed.
Additional Ways to Search page
  1. Select a Course from Search results list to see available sections.
    • The Course Information page will display with a list of available class sections.
Class Search Results
  1. Select the right arrow > at the end of the row for the Class Section.
    • The Review Class Selection page displays
Class Section page
  1. Select the Next button.
    • The Review Class Preferences page displays.
Step 1 of 3 Review Class page
  1. Input Permission Number and wait list preferences and select the Accept button.
    • The Confirm Class Swap page displays.
Step 2 of 3 Review Class Preferences page
  1. Select the Submit button.
    • A submit confirmation box will open.
Step 3 of 3 Confirm Class Swap page
  1. Select the Yes option.
    • A submission confirmation or errors page will display.
Confirmation window
  1. Process complete.



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