STARS: Getting Started

The STARS web site will match up a student’s Degree/Learning goals with available scholarships.

Log into the STARS web site
In the web browsers address bar enter: Note that STARS works with: Safari, FireFox, and Internet Explorer. STARS does NOT work with Google Chrome.

Getting Started
For a New Account, click Start Here

Application Process
1) Fill in all of the required Information. Anything with a red * next to it is required. 2) Click Save and Continue

Select your current student status
1) Select your current status **NOTE** the following questions are to help narrow down Scholarships that will fit your goals, needs and income.

Select your educational goals
Answer the questions that best describe your Goals and Needs for the program to find the scholarships that match you.
The questions that appear will vary depending on the answers given
1) Select Yes, I understand 2) Click Save and Continue

Your current student status
1) Fill in your current student status 2) Click Save and Continue

More questions to help with the selection of Scholarships
1) Select and fill in the information that matches your status 2) Click Save and Continue

Essay Questions
1) Select Edit for each of the Essay questions to type in a response 2) Click Save and Continue

Upload Transcripts and Letters of Recommendations
1) Upload files from your system 2) Click Save and Continue

Your list of Scholarships
1) You can edit your information
2) Click Apply Now to apply to a scholarship on your list


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